- Sean Duffy
CEO and Founder
Integrity Pharmacy Consultants

- Sliva And Karen Ekizian

- Henry And Mary Hu

- Sal Dileo

- Brandon Huynh

- Rick Newtown

Integrity was a name well chosen for this company and its employees. Thru out the entire process of selling my pharmacy, from determining its value, negotiating the sale price and final inventory and closing. The team at Integrity were outstanding. They guided me thru the mountain of paper work required and always responded promptly and professionally to all questions. Even months after closing when tax or regulatory issues arise, and they will, they have continued to provide valuable advice and support. I highly recommend INTEGRITY pharmacy consultants.

Terry B.

Very knowledgeable , professional and efficient.

Ebram T.

We want to thank you very, very much for a great job handling our sale. We know how you fought to make it happen and always remained cool and supportive throughout the process. We are grateful to you for working extremely hard to get us the best deal possible. No one could have pulled it off as well. We highly recommend you (and already have) to any pharmacist looking to sell their store.

Robert F.

Integrity Pharmacy Consultants were excellent. Extremely competent. Knew how to execute well. Knew what boundaries to push & up to what point. Definitely recommend you at least speak with them before pulling the trigger on anything.

Pharmacy Owner

Integrity Pharmacy Consultants were an absolute pleasure to work with. As many may know the competitive pressure from chain pharmacies and shrinking reimbursements from the insurances make it difficult to operate a successful independent pharmacy these days, so I had entertained the possibility of selling my pharmacy. Some of my biggest concerns obviously where what my pharmacy would sale for and how easy it would be to find a qualified buyer. For those reasons I am happy to have worked with Integrity Pharmacy Consultants. They made the process of preparing to selling my pharmacy very pleasant. They walked me through and helped me with all facets required. Their staff were incredibly friendly and always available to help. They were able to quickly find me a competent buyer, and never did I imagine I would sale my pharmacy as much as it did. I highly recommend Integrity Pharmacy Associates!

Kamal J.

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