- Sean Duffy
CEO and Founder
Integrity Pharmacy Consultants

- Sliva And Karen Ekizian

- Henry And Mary Hu

- Sal Dileo

- Brandon Huynh

- Rick Newtown

Integrity-Rx was awesome. They were persistent and then they were able to negotiate to get me a much higher price than expected. They were very knowledgeable and responsive through the entire process. If you are thinking about selling, I highly recommend using Integrity Rx to help you.

Pharmacy Owner

I had an outstanding experience with Integrity Pharmacy Consultants. They did their best to get me the best offer when I sold my pharmacy. Nothing but great from the speedy responses, communication with the retail chain to get the best out of them, great help till the closing day. Thank you so much for helping me.

Bassim S.

Selling my pharmacy was a big decision. I had one time to maximize the value from the sale of my life’s work and Integrity Pharmacy Consultants got me more money then I ever thought was possible.

John S.

The staff at Integrity Pharmacy Consultants are the most responsible group of people I have dealt with in my 35 years in the retail pharmacy business. They came highly recommended by a third party when I decided to retire. They came by my pharmacy to introduce themselves and provided me with background information. They did not push me make a decision then or sell their company. They guided me in very detailed way once I decided to have them sell my pharmacy. They found a buyer who offered a reasonable package. Integrity Pharmacy Consultants still managed to get a better term after that. We managed to sign the contract in less than a month and we closed successfully in less than two. They provided step by step instruction along the way so I was very much self assured. After the store closed and I fulfilled all my obligations, they still contacted me several times to check on how I was doing. I would highly recommend Integrity Pharmacy Consultants to anyone, especially small independent owners like us. We need someone like them to protect our interests. Their vast experience in this field helped me to begin my retirement on a happy note.

Henry H.

Selling your pharmacy is kind of like going to the dentist, you know its going to hurt and it’s going to be expensive. Combine that with a negative lease situation that limits your potential buyers to the chain stores and the process becomes even more complicated. That was my situation . I spoke to several brokers and without exception their forecasts were less than optimistic about how much my business was worth. I was fortunate enough to be approached by Integrity Pharmacy Consultants, who were the only brokers to actually visit my store, and they must have seen something the others did not. Integrity’s estimated sale price for my pharmacy was almost double some of the others. I was doubtful , but gave them the ok to proceed. In approximately 30 days they came back with an offer for almost exactly what their estimate was. The process was fairly complicated but Integrity was always available to answer questions and keep it from becoming overwhelming. The transaction proceeded rather quickly with only a few road bumps that were always handled promptly and professionally. In a little over 60 days I was retired and stress free, well almost stress free. If you are having a tooth pulled get a good dentist. If you are selling your pharmacy get a good broker. I recommend Integrity Pharmacy Consultants.

Pharmacy Owner

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