Our 3-Step Valuation Process can provide you with realistic value for your business.

Step 1: Analysis

The Integrity Pharmacy Consultants team has over 250 years of combined pharmacy operations experience and has a very comprehensive understanding of all aspects of pharmacy.  Our knowledge, expertise, and understanding of operational and financial reporting are unmatched in the industry.  We have analyzed thousands of Profit and Loss/Income Statements and will compare your business to the industry standard.

Step 2: Breakdown

After we perform a detailed analysis of your business, we will optimize your valuation by breaking down the Income, Costs of Goods Sold (COGS), and expenses line by line and adding back any unnecessary expenses to your Net Profit.  We will map out your strategic location and compare it to other competitors in the area to let you know how they affect the value of your business.

Step 3: Projection

We will review your pharmacy's analysis as well as the events and variables that could significantly increase or decrease the value of your business. You can be confident in the value we place on your pharmacy as the valuation we provide you will be conservative and realistic. We utilize pricing from more than 200 previous closings to leverage optimal pricing for your business; our goal is to exceed owner expectations on every closing.

Common Reasons for a Pharmacy Valuation

There are many reasons to obtain a valuation. Our complimentary valuation can help you when:
    • Planning for retirement
    • Selling your pharmacy
    • Expanding your pharmacy business
    • Bankruptcy
    • Buying out a partner
    • Taking on a partner
    • Regulatory challenges
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Request a Valuation

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